Sunny Side Up


When a caravan park in Wales is your idea of hell, then the notion of spending your summer holiday at Sunny Side Up Holiday Park with your in-laws might just tip you over the edge. Poor Simon is sent reeling into a rant when he discovers that this is precisely what is wife Millie has in store for them, and poor Millie is subjected to said rant for the umpteenth time. Can she grin and bare it once more, or will this be he straw that broke the camel’s back? Petite, but perfectly formed, this comic gem evokes sympathy, sneers and belly laughs – all within this brilliant short’s eight minute duration.



David Steffan Rhodri
Lilly Mali Harries
Mary Gwen Ellis
Malcolm Wyn Bowen Harries
Lee Darren Evans


Production Team

Writer Simon Ludders
Producer Fizzy Oppe
Director Liberty Russell


D H Davies Award 2005