1 x 77'

Our heroes, our poetic tradition – they have been our war correspondents, our lobbyists, our gossip columnists. Philosophers, sooth-sayers, rogues, the poets told us all about ourselves, and continue to do so – even 1400 years after Aneirin penned Y Gododdin the enduring themes continue to strike a chord in 21st Century Wales. It is director Marc Evans that takes us on this 2000 year odyssey with the help of a myriad of Welsh talent, including Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Rhys, Rhys Ifans, Cerys Matthews and John Cale to name a few. Told in seven verses, this feature length documentary is as insightful as it is beautiful.

  • Cast

    Rhys Ifans

    Cerys Matthews

    Ioan Gruffudd

    Siân Phillips

    Matthew Rhys

    John Cale

    Nia Roberts

    Daniel Evans

    Iola Gregory

    Guto Harri

    Betsan Llwyd

    Richard Harrington

    Peter John

    Maureen Rhys

    Stewart jones

  • Production


    Marc Evans


    Ynyr Williams

    Executive Producers

    Ed Thomas & Fizzy Oppe